Journey through the Canyon lands

I’ve always wanted to do a RV trip through the US. Rambling along for weeks, camping in National parks till I have seen all of them here. However a reality check and it dawns on me that maybe I should be lucky if I can do this for 10-12 days. After a lot of planning we went on a RV trip to Arizona/Utah with our friends, 18 month daughter and our dog Ozzie. Watching the sunrise in the morning with a cup of coffee never made me feel so alive.



I hiked at 4am to Delicate Arch and watched as the sun rose, painting everything orange.



I hiked through the Zion narrows, promising myself that I will come back.



I photographed the Emerald pools and marveled at the contrast of the blues and oranges. This photograph reminds me of fall.


Looking at the rugged terrain of the Grand Canyons, Arches canyons and Zion land I consider myself very lucky that I was able to take some time off and travel. This truly is a photographer’s dream.