Meditation in Montana

I visited Montana late summer of 2012. It was a family road trip with ample time for photography. I visited Glacier National park, Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. The below picture was taken early morning. Within minutes of this view, the mountains were covered by the clouds and thick fog. Talk about being at the right place at the right time :-)


This photograph of an abandoned barn was taken at Mormon row.


Isn't this photograph the perfect example of Peace? I truly believe Photography is Meditation. Through it, you can express yourself, your inner feelings and portray yourself clearly.


This next photograph was truly a miracle. I passed by this spot at least 6 times that morning hoping for some good light and clouds. My persistence was rewarded with this glorious scene.


I stopped at this lake on 2 different days with no luck. The water was not still enough to show a reflection. Finally patience paid off on the 3rd morning. I don't know which is lovelier the reflection or the real thing.


This last photograph is of the canyons at Yellowstone. I believe I only skimmed the surface of Yellowstone. This park is huge, filled with treasures of all kinds.


Hope you enjoyed these photographs. Have a good rest of the week.