Rainy day projects

TGIF...Not that work is not interesting, but the weekend does bring with it more time for family and photography :-)

Last few winters I started experimenting with water drops and smoke trails. What better to do on a freezing, dull, cloudy winter day when outdoors is not an option? Voila here are some ideas. Set up your very own colorful scenes. Using a plastic bag to hold the water, some water colors smeared on art paper here's what I created. 


I call this one strings of pearls. 


This one was taken using incense sticks with colored strobed lights.


I see a woman in a flowing gown. What do you see?


This one here puts to mind a campfire burning at night.


Lastly some fun! A bowl of fruit looks with some colorful drops.


Hope you enjoyed these and get creative too. Have a great weekend.